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Immunology and Transplantation

Immunology and Transplantation

Trials of immunosuppression in transplantation are currently facing significant issues because their objectives remain focused on improving acute rejection rates and graft survival in the first 12 months. Current trial design is not leading to novel therapies improving long-term outcomes and safety, and therefore important unmet clinical needs in transplantation remain unanswered. The transplant community needs to provide trial data that will identify superior treatment options for patient subgroups and allow new agents to be evaluated for efficacy and safety. Trial designs for new transplant immunosuppression must be intelligently restructured to ensure that short- and long-term clinical outcomes continue to improve.

With more than 50 studies managed, OPIS is able to meet the most demanding study requirements in this challenging therapeutic area.

More than 50 studies managed

Indications: kidney transplant, liver transplant, heart transplant, wound healing in kidney transplant, hereditary periodic fever, atopy, systemic sclerosis, primary Sjögren’s syndrome, APDS/PASLI

Phases: II, IIb, III, IIIb, IV

Other details: interventional and non-interventional studies, studies on medical devices, studies in adults and children

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Immunology and Transplantation
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